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  Is reading backwards good for you? I don’t mean reading normal books, I mean manga!


   Manga is a type of japanese literature. It is a graphic novel that consists of comics. But there is one twist – you read from right to left! Manga like Fairy Tale, Tokyo Mew Mew, Naruto, and lots more!


Alyssa said, “ I’ve read part of pokemon black and white, and manga is a neutral book for me.”


Manga can help some kids who either are bad at reading or don’t like to. Some children who have dyslexia have a harder time reading books, so manga can help.It has pictures so you can understand it more. Manga is also good for kids who don’t like reading.


“I do believe that manga is much easier to read,it shows scenery and how the characters react when they speak. And i think it helps me understand the tone of the situation better than having to guess for myself,” said Alyssa, a seventh grader.


A negative that can come out of reading manga is the fact that some adults think that kids who read manga will get confused with normal books. Adults think that if someone reads a lot of manga, they will not know how to read normal books since you read manga backwards.


“I do believe it could affect the grammar skill of the reader since the dialogue is not usually in full sentences, and normal reading books help with learning how to show instead of tell unlike manga,” said Alyssa.

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Do Video Games Affect Students Grades? Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:32:17 +0000

You probably play video games. But does it make it harder to do school work?

Video games can make it hard for students to work. They aren’t healthy for working students. They can cause procrastination. Some students don’t even do their homework because of video games.

“I do my homework first, but only because I’m told to,” says a seventh grader.

Playing video games excessively does affect students concentrating. Video games can attract kids attention from their homework. They could wait to do their homework after playing for an hour or so.

“I always make sure my child does her homework first, because video games are so easy to access with phones and technology these days,” says one of the parents of Corbett Junior High.

Parents are worried about their students grades.

Their kids are being consumed by video games and electronics. Some parents, though, don’t let their child play video games, or they have a time limit and rules. Good idea. Parents also only let their child play on the weekends.

Despite the belief that parents worry about video games and their students grades, one source states that her parents do not worry because she’s passing all her classes.


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Bullying Ends Now Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:31:52 +0000

There are many types of bullying like cyber bullying, physical bullying,verbal bullying and many more which we should try to prevent.


  Bullying  or being bullied is not fun.If you are getting bullied you need to talk  to someone.As students, we need to stick together, if you see someone getting bullied you need to help.You can ask them what is happening or tell the bully it is not right to disrespect them.There is  always someone there for you.Most bullies will abuse others because they have something going on in their mind and just need to be supported or talk to someone.


“ I can help!  The counseling office takes bullying very seriously and if you feel you are being bullied, we encourage you to come in and talk to us soon as possible,” counselor,  Mr.Villarreal stated.


 There are so many types of bullying and they are all bad. You can also bully yourself by comparing yourself to others.Many people have been bullied in some way in their life which is really sad.


“It seems that there are many opportunities to experience [bullying],with social media creating a 24/7 means of bullying,”counselor Mr.Villarreal expressed.  

Bullying affects the entire school.As a school and community we need to not allow bad things to consume people’s good.Teachers need to be there for education but also to listen to their students.Students and teachers really just have to respect everyone because we are all different.If you see anyone sad,  try to make their day or be a positive impact.


”No one should bully someone for being themselves so there are no positives to bullying,”a 7th grade student stated.


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School, Socializing, and Schedules Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:31:22 +0000

Many students today are stressed out, to be specific..stressed about school. So many students these days are so affected by the stress that comes from school, that they have no motivation to actually come to school. This can cause an increase in absence at school, for example skipping classes. This could potentially lead to skipping other things such as family time or social events [distancing themselves].  

“Sometimes, I skip meals, because I want to finish assignments. I never have any free time anymore, because of all the assignments I have to complete!” says Kattie Nguyen, seventh grader at Corbett Jr. High.

Some causes of stress could potentially be homework overload, busy schedules, peer pressure, image concern such as being judged on social media by your peers at school, or even financial worries like not being able to afford the “style” that’s in at the school.

“Due dates stress me out the most, because it always seems like you have more time than you think!”says Kattie Nguyen.

“Yes, they [due dates, tests, assignments,etc.] do cause me stress, because I tend to procrastinate often..” “It [stress] obviously affects my stress levels, and gives me really bad anxiety, because I’m constantly worried about one due date after the next,” said Madyson De Los Santos, an eleventh grader attending Veterans Memorial High School.

Some tips and tricks to cope with stress are making time to relax, take a nap every once in a while. Take baby steps on your work, do not try to take on all of your work at once. Do not slack off! Try to complete things as soon as you can, because waiting to complete tasks last minute, could cause you stress thinking about , “I need to get this done asap!” Try to be organized from the start, and listen to your favorite music or maybe play with your pet, if you have one, to calm down. It is actually proven that pets can be a huge stress reliever.

“I sleep, and that kind of takes the stress away, but other than that I don’t really do anything but make jokes about it.” said Kattie Nguyen.

“I like to work, [to cope with stress] because it’s something I can manage, and sleeping I just don’t have to think about anything.” says Madyson De Los Santos.

Setting goals can help a lot by making small steps to complete and achieve, as well as time management. Giving everything a time limit or putting it on a time schedule like a to-do list can help your stay on track.

“There comes a time where you have to have a limit within your work. And you have to put yourself before that.” said Kattie Nguyen.

“Don’t procrastinate, find out a way of studying that works for you, and don’t take on more than you think you can handle!” said Madyson De Los Santos.

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Dress code unfair, targets girls Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:31:01 +0000

According to school rules here and across America, clothes that are  “revealing” or “a distraction” should not be allowed in school. However, some say that dress code is unfair and biased, targeting mostly girls.


“It’s the little things we get dress coded for,” said seventh grade student, Nevaeh Prall.


Rules such as shorts being three inches above the knee, the three finger rule for sleeves, leggings must be covered by a shirt or dress, no rips in jeans, are some rules that most girls find unfair when all they want to do is be comfortable.

Most rules are strictly enforced because some say it’s “a distraction for boys” but, boys at Corbett Jr. High claim that they don’t care what girls wear.


The majority of boys also say that dress code isn’t reasonable because the way someone dresses never has distracted them from their learning.


“Limiting people to their clothing is [unnecessary],” said Larry Tisdale, a seventh grade student.  


Some dress codes rules are  necessary; however, because most people don’t want to see other’s behinds or undergarments, and clothes that are  too revealing can be considered as going a little too far.


“The way you dress can be a form of how others will perceive you,” said Mrs. Teske, a seventh grade math teacher.


Coach Barnes, a coach/seventh grade teacher, included that dress code is reasonable “because when you get older, jobs have dress codes.”


Overall, students and teachers are divided in their opinions of the dress code rules. But since dress code affects students more than teachers, and more students agree that dress code rules are too strict,maybe it’s time to change the narrative.

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Are prison like schools to blame for school shootings? Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:30:37 +0000

School shootings are becoming more and more frequent as the years go by, just as schools are getting bigger and bigger and full of more and more students. However,  does this mean that bigger schools are a problem? Since schools are becoming bigger, more students are filling the halls and classrooms. This causes already depressed kids to feel even more like they’re insignificant.


“Honestly, sometimes I do,” says Scout, a seventh grader, when asked if she felt insignificant in a school of so many.


It’s not just that schools are getting bigger and more crowded, it’s that they are becoming more like prisons than safe accepting learning environments (One school currently being built is actually using the blueprints of a prison.)  The students are treated like prisoners.


“Yeah, I don’t feel like the teachers or students care about me,” says Ke’Shawn Malone,  seventh grader, “The students are just so rude, and sometimes heartless. The teachers, they’re just there. Not nice,  not mean, just… there.”


This is having an effect on students, causing them to lash out. A way we could fix this feeling of being insignificant and being not cared for is by making smaller schools, and filling them with less people. This could solve the feeling of being insignificant, and once that feeling is gone, we just have to be there for the students who feel like no one cares about them.

Because in the end of the day, it’s the students that matter.

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WE ARE PEOPLE IN A COMMUNITY Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:30:11 +0000



Have you ever thought of what goes on with teens at school and at home? Now think about 8% of those teens that are either bi, gay, lesbian, or anything part of the LGBTQ+ community, how do you think their lives are different?


The LGBTQ+ community is “A group of people that stand together like a community” says Alexa Riojas. A strong community of independent people with some people who don’t care what people say, but some of the effects are terrible.


As some parents don’t mind it, some do and they “torture their kids over it” says Alizabeth Valle. Over facts though it is mostly religious parents who shun their own child.  Though there are other ways they shun their kid. They can force them to move out, ban them from having same sex friends, and many cruel things over this on decision.


The other percent of parents are actually are supportive or laid back by this. Parents that are supportive “understand where they are coming from and appreciate that they’re different” says Alexa Riojas. With these kind of parents this is what makes the LGBT Q community stronger and “grow to greater things” says both Alexa Riojas and Alizabeth Valle.


This school has a GSA where it is a “safe place for people to support each other (in the LGBTQ community) and make people feel like they’re not alone. The people in the  GSA are there to support and to comfort people.

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School functions at Corbett jr. high Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:29:47 +0000

Everyone loves school functions and supporting your school, so you’ll enjoy going to these events happening here at Corbett jr. high.

At 4:30 pm on October 25th the girls basketball will have their first game against Metzger. WOW! What an excitement. The 7th grade game will be at Metzger and the 8th grade game will be at Corbett.


 Ms.Garcia said,  “ I really like when the crowd gets into cheering at the events.”


On October 26 at 5:30pm through 8:30pm there will be our annual Geektoberfest, our first school dance which is sponsored by Game Central. The dance will take place in the Corbett cafeteria. It will be such an exciting night!


November 1st at 4:30PM A and B team will have their first and last football game against Dobie. 7th grade will be at Corbett and 8th grade will be at Dobie.


Ms.Garcia said, “ I love showing my school spirit and supporting students.”   

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Divorce hurts, but you have to handle it in your own way Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:29:19 +0000

When parents get divorced, it hurts, doesn’t it? That is exactly what happened to two Corbett students Kiley Leggett and Mackenzie Suarez.


Kiley Leggett, a seventh grader, told me that her parents got divorced… and that is what gave me the idea to write this article that you are reading right now.


Divorce can either tear you down or make you stronger. People handle it in different ways. Kiley said “not much difference, it was very hard but it went away with time”.


Divorce affects students in many diffeernt ways. Divorce can have both physical and mental effects on children. Children who get caught up in their parents divorce are likely to suffer greater stresses than those who do not become involved. Divorce is difficult and painful for everyone involved, especially kids.

“I just stayed with my mom and let it pass,” said Leggett.


Many of the 1.5 million children in the U.S. whose parents divorce every year feel as if their worlds are falling apart. Yet, parents who split have reasons for hope. Researchers have found that only a small portion of children experience serious problems in the whole divorce situation.  “It was rough but I got over it with my mom” said Leggett


Divorce stinks but if it has to end, let it. If your parents are getting a divorce it’s probably for the best. Just remember that your parents are most likely happier divorced .




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Athletic Injuries Put Risk on Students Tue, 11 Dec 2018 16:28:35 +0000

You’re running and then, OW! Now you’re off to get a brace or a cast. But it’s okay, this won’t be a permanent thing luckily. You would get it off later and then you would be free at last to do whatever you want again.


Sometimes injuries can be hard for that person or that person’s parents, emotional usually. It may be sad but it won’t last forever.


“ I was in shock and my parents were both in tears because it was the first time that it’s ever happened in my family,” said Braden Avington, a seventh-grader, who snapped his forearm when he was playing football and landed on his forearm.


Even though some people get an injury, they would still love to go back to that sport. Maybe you just love hitting the baseball or getting the winning touchdown and want to go back, regardless of the injury.


“ I am going back to football because it’s my favorite sport despite the break,” said Braden Avington.


Of course, with the break you aren’t capable of doing some things. This can make things difficult with only using one hand and can make you a lot slower at doing everyday things, like getting dressed or using the restroom.   


 “ I snapped my forearm and it’s hard to shower and write with my left arm because I’m right handed,” said Braden Avington.

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